Fake-It Kit Advert

Our best "fake-it" kit yet!

The "Fake-It" Kit is not a genuine product from Benefit. It was made just for and "April Fool's Day" Joke.


If you've missed our April Fool's prank, check out our best fake-it kit yet! It's an instant break from work or school...sickly eye, cheek & lip makeover kit!! Available in seasonal flu colours & hangover hues. xx


  • Smokey Circles (Under-eye darkening paste)
  • Pukey Tint (Gag-alicous Green Cheek Tint)
  • Pink Eye (Liner creates the appearance of inflamation)
  • Crunchy-Chapped Lip Gel (Dries, hardens and cracks the lushest lips instantly)


  • The box is a replica of the Realness Of Concealness Kit. However it is a green version.
  • Smokey Circles is the opposite of the Erase Paste concealer.
  • Pukey Tint does the exact opposite of Bene,Posie and Cha Cha Tint.