Lyin' Eyes
Lyin' Eyes is a discontinued concealer from Benefit. It comes in a light, medium and deep shade.


"With a simple stroke of the Benefit Cosmetics Lyin' Eyes, you can conceal your flaws and spots near and under your eye. The sly brush of this Benefit Cosmetics eye concealer quickly glides on your skin without much effort. This pen shaped Benefit Cosmetics eye makeup is highly convenient to carry as it slides in your small handbag swiftly. The Benefit Cosmetics Lyin' Eyes is a perfect mean for mid-day touch ups, be it under or over your makeup. Blend this Benefit Cosmetics eye concealer with your fingertips and be ready to go out for a casual or formal meet. A must have in every women's handbag, this Benefit Cosmetics eye makeup is suitable for most skin tones."

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